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Screenplay: The Border Guide

Updated: May 31, 2018

The Border Guide Cover Page for the feature film about a young Norwegian boy in WW2

(Drama / War)

A feature film script based on the real stories of the Norwegian Border Guides during WW2.

Aksel (13) is a boy with a destiny. Growing up in the idyll of the Norwegian countryside, helping his family on a remote farmstead, he’s a spirit wise beyond his years – one who is kind and loving, and who understands our connection to all of life. But his personal ethics are turned upside down with the onset of war. Challenged at such a young age to guide refugees and escaped prisoners of war across the border to neutral Sweden, he knows inherently that it is his duty to help them, despite calls from his family not to risk his life.

The Border Guide has been picked up by Film Ink Productions, that is currently working on finding the funds for this feature film. Niall Johnson (Mum's List, Keeping Mum, White Noise) is confirmed as the director.

In addition to the feature film script, Eirik wrote a teaser to present to producers, investors, etc. Eirik later produced this short, and can be found here:

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