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Novelette: A Knight's Heart

Updated: May 31, 2018

(Fantasy / Fiction)

“A Knight’s Heart” is Eirik Knutsvik’s first fantasy novelette set in the country of Etruscania, a world filled with swords and magic, deep characters, rich history, and new races.

“Her green eyes met her father’s from behind her dark helmet. But there was no recognition in her gaze, no emotion. Green, the colour of life, had turned as cold as an icy river on a winter’s first breath. She mounted her horse, but as his body softened and the urge to call her name too strong for his lungs to deny, she was out of sight. Out of reach.

Again, she was lost…

...but there was hope.”

Eight years have passed since Knight Regnor lost his daughter to a cult hiding in the shadows of Etruscania. For eight years he’s searched for her, losing his mind, allies and career in the process.

Now, as his young daughter is spotted again, he’s given a second chance to save her and redeem himself.

Kalfus the Tree-ē-ling, an old friend and wizard, joins his adventure. Brothers in arms once more, they go searching her past to find her future.



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