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Eirik Knutsvik Bio (from The Howling premiere)


London-based Scandinavian actor, writer and author, Eirik has played Jeffrey Dahmer in World's Most Evil Killers on Sky Pick and Channel 11, appeared in You, Me and the Apocalypse, as well as numerous short films and presenter roles. Additionally, he has played Jason (lead) in The Howling (2017), in a new take on the classic Horror film. 

He also appears as Eli in The Academy, an upcoming British Superhero feature film starring Dougie Poynter from McFly. Other roles include Dom in Takedown: Vendetta, Oliver Shaw in Goodbye Blue Michael, and Martin in Painted Faces.

Eirik also does Norwegian and English Voice Over & ADR, and has recently worked on 22 July by Paul Greengrass, an Asian animation series, a video game and corporate roles.

It’s the emotional subtleties and realism that attracts him so to the screen, be it TV or Film. And this has led him to write the script The Border Guide, a £2.5m budget feature film currently in the early production stages. He's also a fellow producer on this production.

He loves sci-fi, fantasy and medieval themed genres, but also modern dramas and action-pumped superhero films. As a writer, he focuses on fantasy adventure, but the script he wrote is WW2 Drama based on the real stories of the Border Guides.


Eirik was born in a small community in Norway in December, 1989. Travel far enough into the fjords beyond Stavanger, you’ll find the farm he grew up on located next to stretches of lush forests and steep mountain ranges. Though now living in a metropolitan city with twice as many citizens than the whole of Norway, it is the spiritual aspects of his past that he brings to every place he visits, every role he plays, and every person he meets.

Eirik trained at the Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (now called Westerdals), and attended multiple courses after moving abroad to England. He’s specialised in RP English, and can do a Scandinavian accent on request.


Favourite quote:

“Make every part the one you’ve been waiting for.”

- Sir Michael Caine

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